Antigua and Barbuda

Want to make a call to Antigua and Barbuda from United Kingdom? Learn how to call mobile and land lines in Antigua and Barbuda. You will need to know how to use the Antiguan Country code only if you are dialing to a person from outside Antigua and Barbuda.

Telephone Area Codes City Area Codes

Country Dialing Code to Call Antigua and Barbuda from Ankara

Making Phone Calls To Antigua and Barbuda From Turkey

Calling Instructions for making long distance overseas phone calls to Antigua and Barbuda from Turkey:

  • Discover the lowest telephone call rate for Antigua and Barbuda, from Current Time in Antigua and Barbuda.

  • To call from Turkey to Antigua and Barbuda : 0 + 1-268 + City Area Code + Local number

  • To learn more about telephone area dialling codes for cities in Antigua and Barbuda please visit Cheap Telephone Calls on Antigua and Barbuda

  • If you want to make a phone call from Antigua and Barbuda to Turkey you will have to dial Antigua and Barbuda’s Exit Code first followed by Turkey’s Country Code which is 90. (Eg: Calling from Antigua and Barbuda to Turkey: 11 + 90 for Turkey and then your phone number in Turkey).

  • To learn about the current date and time in Saint John’s , Antigua and Barbuda please click on Area Codes of Cities in Antigua and Barbuda

Phone area codes or city codes in Antigua and Barbuda usually show geographical areas within Antigua and Barbuda that are covered by hundreds of telephone exchanges. The telephone area code in Antigua and Barbuda is generally preceded in the dial string by the Antiguan country code or the international access code for Antigua and Barbuda.

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